AdConnect Software Copying Proven Product Pages To Sell Anything

AdConnect is a brand new apps allows you to edit any website in real time and create corresponding Facebook ads to monetize these pages. They can then download these pages and host it themselves. This is the easiest, user friendly, newbie friendly Ad-Funnel builder. Using AdConnect, you can copy anyone’s landing page in seconds and make it yours by instantly customizing it without needing a designer or developer ever again. With AdConnect all you need to do is put in a URL, and unless the page has restrictions, you’ll be able to duplicate it and edit it in real-time. With AdConnect you will be creating facebook ads for each variation in no time. This way, you save time doing repetitive work, save money by running high converting ads for each landing page and get more traffic to your offers.

AdConnect Software 100% Lifetime Access Unlimited License

Here Are The Key Bullet Points Regarding AdConnect :

  • Use AdConnect on any site.
  • Advanced and Tested Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  • Zero coding needed (user-friendly).
  • Create ads for any pages you download with in-build ad creator.
  • Edit any web-pages in real time and download them.
  • Includes training on how to find winning ads and landing pages.
  • Limited to 100 Campaigns a month.

Here’s What You Get Inside AdConnect Software :

  • Landing Page Analytics, For any landing pages that you use within AdConnect – you will get a detailed report which will cover ad clicks, visitor information, stats per unique version created, monthly reports, top ad click referrers, top ad click countries.
  • Short URL For Each Version, Each version you create within AdConnect will have a short URL that is unique to any ad that you create. You can use this to drive ads to specific pages that belong to you and track performance accordingly.
  • Integrated Photoshop Style Ad-Builder, Our super-easy ad builder uses layered technology just like photoshop and comes with many pre-installed fonts to use, as well as filters just like on Instagram.
  • Edit Any Web Page In Real-Time, With AdConnect Software all you need to do is put in a URL, and unless the page has restrictions, you’ll be able to duplicate it and edit it in real-time.
  • Advanced HTML and CSS Editors, For the advanced marketers among us (Steven is one of them), AdConnect comes with advanced HTML and CSS editors.
  • Instantly Download Your Version, After you have done making changes (or even before), you can download the page to your computer and upload it to your website.
  • Wysiwyg Editor, AdConnect comes with in-built “what you see is what you get” editor WYSIWYG, which means it is super-simple to make changes to any landing page of your choice.
  • Ready To Go Ad Designs, You can choose from our professionally designed ad templates in all sizes and shapes for all most popular ad networks.

AdConnect has been created for your so you can get started with HIGHER chances of success. AdConnect really lives up to it’s name, making it easy to edit any page in real-time, and creating an ad accordingly. Something like this can really increase RoI for affiliate and product funnels.