BLOOOM Content App Turn Any Youtube Video Into A Blog In Seconds

Blooom lets you build out authority blogs in any niche you choose, each piece of content you add is monetized passively. Basically Blooom Content App extracts whatever the person or people in the video says in text form and then builds a unique blog post for you in seconds. All you have to do is review and 1 click spin into a solid, 100% unique SEO friendly authoritative piece of content without writing one sentence, use as is (after adding paragraphs) or quickly edit it yourself in minutes (as shown in the video). Blooom comes complete with full training consisting of step by step videos detailing every step required. The whole process is 99% passive. Insert your Ad code and build your authority Blog with a few clicks. Follow exact proven “supercharged old-school” method and you can make 1000’s per month from Blooom.

Blooom WordPress Plugin Pro Instant Download By Mark Bishop

Blooom lets you build out authority blogs in 3 simple steps

  • Step #1: Extract unique content from within any Youtube video (containing speech). Extraction includes thumbnail and all ranking tags.
  • Step #2: Insert Ad Script to increase revenue. Script doubles ad space for increased revenue (Script Included). Then insert Ad code in specific locations.
  • Step #3: $5 Traffic (optional). Supercharge each post with huge amounts of dirt cheap traffic to maximise revenue. This method will generate traffic and income almost instantly.

Blooom is designed for people who hate complicated software and long winded methods.

  • This is system generates 99% passive income once setup.
  • Very easily scalable and only invest more after you earn.
  • Can 100% be run part time (in fact, most people do just that!).
  • This is a tried-and-tested easy way to make money if done the right way!
  • Anyone can do this (even complete Newbies) and get awesome results, so it might as well be you!
  • No technical skills required at all, Blooom is designed to be stupidly simple… All is laid out in an easy to follow system.
  • Highly targeted, risk free traffic is the key to profiting online. Start with a budget of only $5 and you’re set. That’s it!
  • There is nothing to sell in order to make this money, with no additional work to do, no maintenance, no orders to fulfill, no support needed from you!

Blooom will enable you to start making money in days, you’ll quickly start to build large assets which have the potential to make large sums of money on a monthly basis passively for years to come. And it amounts to just 3 steps, $5 (optional) and around 30 minutes.