Click Animate Plugin Animate All Your WP Sites With Just A Click

Click Animate is an incredible wordpress plugin which allow you to add on highly engaging, eye catching animations to any element on your website with just a click!. Click Animate plugin works with every wordpress theme and page builder! This is a real game changer. With Click Animate you can turn your static websites into pro animated sites in minutes and all without expensive outsourcing development costs, difficult technical work, and zero coding. With Click Animate you have the power to really engage with your website visitors like never before, increasing your conversions and also branding your business as experts online!.

Download FREE Click Animate Plugin NULLED!

Click Animate Plugin Very Easy To Use, You will follow 4 simple steps :

  • Step #1: Download and Install Click Animate, Simply download the Click Animate plugin and install it into the plugins section of your wordpress website.
  • Step #2: Select Your Web Page To Add Animations, Open up any of your web pages and click on the Click Animate tab on your wordpress site to open up the Click Animate animations editing panel.
  • Step #3: Select An Element Click and Choose Animation, Click on add new animation, then hover your mouse over any element on your page and with one click you can add instant animations! You can then customise them with over 50+ professional animations!
  • Step #4: Adjust Animation Time and Add Delayed Effects, Simply click and drag the time bars to adjust the speed of the animations. You can also add time delays for each animation to give viewers a more detailed look at each animation!

What Exactly You Will Get With Click Animate?…

  • Click Animate Plugin, Get access to the incredible click animate plugin to instantly install and transform your static sites into eye catching engaging sites with just a click!
  • Works With All WordPress Sites, Click Animate is a post production tool which means it works on every wordpress theme and page builder. Use it with all the coolest and latest themes and page builders!
  • You’ll get over 50 animations, Choose from over 50 unique professional animations to instantly make your sites dynamic. Adjust everything from the timing to the start point of each element.
  • 24/7 support, you’ll get 24/7 support staff to help you with any questions or queries you may have and if you‘d like some quick answers you will get a range of FAQ‘s!
  • Adjust Timing, Adjust the timings when the animations appear and also how long they animate for to customise the exact motion you want for each element.

Forget Wasting Money on Expensive Programmers…With Click Animate You Are The Developer :

  • With ClickAnimate you have the power to really engage with your website visitors like never before, increasing your conversions and also branding your business as experts online!
  • Now creating these types of animations without being a programmer would take you hours of time, if not days or weeks just to put something together. The other option would be to pay a programmer to create them for you, but that would cost you hundreds of dollars and still not give you an easy to use control panel to edit them as you desire…

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