GIFbuddy Cloud App Engage Your Blog Visitors With This Secret Angle

GIFBuddy is a click happy system that finds you red hot GIFs in popular niches against any keyword you feed in. With GIFBuddy you do not need to create a single GIF. Just find, share and engage and it can’t get easier than this. GIFs are the most handy tool to create impactful, easy to digest, repetitive visuals that engage viweres and invite likes and viral shares like a snowball effect. With GIFBuddy software you get a commercial API from Giphy. So you can just pick your GIFS from the largest database in the world, based on any key-words for any niche!. GIFBuddy is a point and click cloud software that gets you the most popular GIFs in any niche that you can autopost, schedule and draw the free traffic you’ve been struggling to drive.

GIFbuddy Software By Ali G Instant Download Pro License

Benefits Of GIFbuddy Software

  • GIFbuddy Cloud App you can add your hyperLinks, affiliate offers, eCommerce Items.
  • You can us this cloud software for Facebook Profiles, FanPages, Groups and every fan page you ever Liked..!
  • Automate the Hottest GIFs based off “key-words” from the Largest GIF Database in the world…GIPHY via a Cloud-Based SaaS system! (Nothing to create).
  • Small File Size. The size is relatively smaller as compared to other file formats which makes the loading of GIFs quick and without quality loss.
  • Convey messages better. It can show movements and emotions that a normal image can’t.
  • Professional looking images. It supports transparent backgrounds, provides a more professional look to a particular website having animation over a varied background.

GIFbuddy Fast Action Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1: Over the Shoulder Training Video with Aidan Corkery. This is one bonus you do not want to miss! Aidan Corkery of Bare Knuckle Marketing was one of the first people to use GIFBuddy and in this exclusive video you get to see over the shoulder, a live walkthrough as Aidan shows you step by step how he uses GIFBuddy to schedule virally engaging posts to his fan page.
  • Bonus #2: Quick Start Video Training. In this fast action bonus, we’re going to be showing you step-by-step. How to set up FB for GIFBuddy to start posting to all your pages and groups and profile. How to use GIFBuddy to start scheduling tweets. How to set up your WordPress blog in GIFBuddy to start scheduling your posts. These videos are so simple and to the point that you will have everything up and running in 15 minutes or less!
  • Bonus #3: Live Training on Growing Your Traffic With 15 Minute Trendjacking Campaigns. In this webinar, we’re going to be showing you step-by-step. How to rank for trending topics overnight for a big traffic spike. The Critical Wording Method that 10x your results. How to to get paid $500/mo doing it for others (even without a traffic spike!).

GIFbuddy is a must for anyone trying to market effectively these days. The more you stand out in your marketing the more effective you will be, that’s just a fact. This Automated cloud system does exactly that with how irresistible GIFs are! Just drop your links in and see what happens!. GIFbuddy is the World’s 1st set and forget GIF Marketing Solution.