HypeSprout Software Explode Your Traffic & Leads In A Truly Viral Way

You can use HypeSprout in any niche to build buzz around your website, product or business and to accelerate your traffic and lead generation. If you’re building lists and selling anything online, then this software is a powerful tool that you can use to get results much faster. HypeSprout is a cloud-based platform that uses referral marketing to generate quality buyer traffic and multiply your email list, through a customizable built-in automated Rewards system that can be used to create any type of viral campaign (contest, giveaway, waiting list, lead magnet). HypeSprout will allow you to easily set up viral contests, viral waiting lists and turn your leads into viral lead magnets.

HypeSprout Software Pro Instant Download By Kenny Kolijn

Here’s how HypeSprout Referral Marketing system works :

  • Step #1: You offer something of value for people to sign up. This could be an eBook or a PDF.
  • Step #2: Once people sign-up, you offer them something additional that they unlock only if they refer a certain number of people. A unique link is generated for them by HypeSprout software.
  • Step #3: Once the referrals are made using the unique links (and tracked by HypeSprout), the extra/additional thing you promised them is unlocked.

With HypeSprout software you can :

  • Increase Social Reach, You’ll be all over social media with your brand or product. What better exposure could you wish for?
  • Build Buzz, Create a hype for your brand, new product, service, website or anything you have to offer.
  • Get Traffic, Multiply your existing website traffic or initial campaign traffic in no time through the viral sharing system.
  • Earn More Money, With HypeSprout you can create quality referral traffic and turn it into leads and sales.
  • Collect More Leads, All that high-quality referral traffic goes to your opt-in page, giving you extra leads without having to spend more time or money acquiring them.
  • Engage Your Audience, Let your audience take part in cool contests or offer them rewards. Engage your leads with automated follow-up emails sent by the software.

HypeSprout leverages the power of referral marketing and ensures that you get not just traffic and leads rather viral leads. HypeSprout allows you to easily set up viral contests, waiting lists and turn your leads into Lead magnets.