Instant Video Machine Now Anyone Can Create Video Agency in 30 Minutes

Instant video machine is a first of it’s kind done for you system that will allow you to have your own video agency complete with your own actors, actresses, incredible animations, and more ((meaning you don’t even have to do the work yourself) by leveraging the power of fiverr. Instant video machine is going to give you a pre-built website that will have 25 of amazing videos already installed, so you can just load up the site, and start selling your services to local businesses. Todd and Matt are also including a detailed training module which will show you how to get out there and start selling commercials (that you can easily make yourself) and make a killing.

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How Does Instant Video Machine System Work?

  • With instant video machine System you can install your pre-built website (complete with 25 stunning demo videos) in less than 10 minutes. Installing your pre-built website is as easy as installing a wordpress plugin.
  • With this system you can sell the videos for $1,000 or more to eager business owners. You will follow the training and get these eye-catching videos in front of business owners to get paid $1,000 and more per video.
  • Head to fiverr to have the original creator of the video customize it for pennies on the dollar. You don’t have to do the actual customization, and you get to pay someone a very low rate. Many of the demos can be customized for as little as five dollars.

Instant Video Machine Features :

  • Instant video machine giving you complete done-for-you system.
  • Pre-built website included.
  • 25 pre-loaded video services ready to sell.
  • Ready to deploy immediately after purchase.
  • Instant video machine is a completely automated system no manual work necessary.
  • Includes training module to illustrate the best way to get started with your new business.
  • Ideal for a supplemental online business that does not take away from existing endeavors.
  • Instant video machine very easy to use, no tech skills necessary

Instant video machine giving you everything you need to start making money online by leveraging the power of fiverr. This system allowing you to earn unlimited profits without any extra work.

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