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Leadz.io is lead generation for 2017 and beyond. Smart, fast and with ZERO risk or ad spend. Leadz.io is cutting edge software finds you active prospects in your niche. Then shows you exactly how to turn them into leads and buyers. All very systematically, with no risk and NO paid ads. No matter what business you’re in, you always need new customers. Now you can add up to 50 new leads EVERY day, and follow a proven formula to turn them into buyers. The software begins an auto-engagement and nurture process using low-friction micro engagements to create digital rapport with the target leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any business, whether you’re collecting email subscribers to build an internet marketing list or you’re a local business looking to connect with future customers, the more leads you have the faster you can grow your business.

Leadz.io By Andrew Fletcher 100% Full Access Lifetime

Leadz.io is ideal for anyone :

  • Who is ready to connect with prospects on Twitter (and we’ll give you a complete game-plan so you never make a mistake).
  • Who is a product creator, coach or service provider with a high end offer who needs ideal leads to sell their goods and/or services to.
  • Who has an ideal market who hangs out on Twitter (typically a younger, well-educated, high-earning demographic).
  • Lead generation specialists who want an edge over their competition (without paying for leads).
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a big budget to spend on paid ad campaigns for lead generation.
  • Email marketers who are noticing a decline in open rates and/or clicks to their offers.
  • eCommerce vendors who want to find new markets for their goods.
  • Authors who want to expand their fan bases for recurring book sales.
  • Affiliate & network marketers who want fresh leads to add to their lists and market their products to.

Leadz.io Fast Action Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1: The VIP Facebook Group, Access to the Leadz Secret VIP Group where myself and other top online marketers will be working together with you. Your success really depends on who you know and network with the circle you surround yourself in is key to fast tracking your success and holding you accountable to get the results.
  • Bonus #2: Bonus Webinar, Join Simon Live on a very special Live training. Simon Charges $500 an hour to speak on Webinars and Live event where he holds his famous, all – in Q&A, This is where Simon will not hold anything back and will give you all the answers you seek to any question related to business.
  • Bonus #3: Unlimited Accounts, That’s right, You will be able to add unlimited Twitter accounts all for the price of 1.Grow your leadz in multiple Niches with connecting as many accounts as you want., After launch week this will cost well over $400.

Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t get new qualified leads on a consistent basis, your business won’t grow. In the worst case scenario, it will fail. With Leadz.io you no longer have to pay for unqualified leads who have no intention of taking you up on your offers.