My MailIt Increase Your Open Rates & Make More Money From Your List

My MailIt is a wordpress plugin that allows you to get your mails delivered straight to the inbox and boost opt-in rates with no additional effort or expense and gives you the power to have complete control on your e-mail marketing campaigns. My MailIt is an easy to use software to build your email list and send emails to your subscribers without paying fees anymore for your ESP/Autoresponder services. With My MailIt you can send unlimited (broadcast or sequence) emails to an unlimited number of subscribers at any time and as often as you want without any restrictions. My MailIt is the upgraded cloud based version which was written from the ground up, and is much more powerful with many new features that were not possible in the wordpress version.

MyMailIt WordPress Plugin Pro Instant Download By Brett Rutecky

Why you must get My MailIt?

  • Better delivery and higher open rates.
  • With My MailIt you can import unlimited lists easily, without any restrictions.
  • Easy to setup and ’newbie proof’, regardless of prior technical experience.
  • Have complete control on your e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Add new subscribers to your lists seamlessly and automatically.
  • Get the maximum number of leads in the minimum time and money invested.
  • Greatly reduce spam complaints and protect your sender reputation.
  • Attract qualified leads without investing a fortune.
  • Build strong relationship with your subscribers with amazing newsletters.
  • Massively increase opens and make more money from your existing subscriber list.
  • No worrying about a 3rd party company crippling your biz and costing you money ever again.
  • One-time payment means getting rid of monthly payments!

You’re really going to like My MailIt because :

  • You won’t have to worry about paying monthly autoresponder fees ever again!
  • It includes a special GDPR-ready form builder to comply with May 2018 email law changes.
  • There’s no limit on how many subscribers, automated sequences, and emails you can send!
  • It’s mobile friendly so it works on all devices…you can send emails from anywhere.
  • It’s the first EVER autoresponder built and USED by a 7-figure marketer.
  • You can get an overnight increase in email delivery, opens, clicks…and profits with a platform that YOU 100% control!

Maximize your email profits with My MailIt

  • Send emails from your own site or with an SMTP relay such as Amazon SES or SendGrid.
  • Automatically filters out invalid emails on import minimize bounces while increasing delivery rates.
  • Unlimited and unrestricted list import, keep 100 of your subscribers when importing your lists.
  • My MailIt is wordpress plugin you can create unlimited lists profit from the power of segmentation to laser target your audiences.
  • Create optin forms in seconds, choose from 48 built-in templates or creates your own, customize anything with the drag and drop editor.
  • 1-click list cleaning features, save time and money with this powerful tool that’s usually only available as a separate paid service.
  • Easily set-up autoresponse messages build engagement early with automated welcome emails to new subscribers.

My MailIt could do that for you. It’s a wordpress plugin that turns your wordpress into a powerful mailing platform that can do everything from optin to mailouts.