NewsBuilder Create Multiple Set and Forget Passive Income Streams

NewsBuilder is a proven method for making hands-free profits in the exact same way leading online news sites earn daily income. The NewsBuilder software builds you stunning, monetized sites packed with trending content from top online news sources you don’t have to write a single word of content. NewsBuilder is a proven tool that helps marketers of any level can build news websites. NewsBuilder also allows you to take advantage of current news websites and its content. And then you can make a profit like big news websites. This software takes the entire article from 138 top news sites to build and automatically develop websites that spread to users. NewsBuilder is a perfect choice for Internet marketers if you want a change for your business.

News Builder Software Instant Download Pro License By Ben Carroll

NewsBuilder is brand new technology and certainly the solution for anyone wanting passive income online

  • Proof of life changing results from marketers of all levels.
  • Start banking serious profit in as little as 24 hours from right now.
  • Instantly create multiple set and forget passive income streams.
  • No paid ads, content creation, video or social posting needed.
  • Your sites automatically update with the latest trending news.
  • Work in any niche, turn your hobbies into an automated profit machines.
  • Two-in-one softwares completely automate your profits.

Here are the features that NewsBuilder offers :

  • Collect the entire articles with featuring images.
  • Edit the content and post title before publishing.
  • Disable or enable pingbacks and comments for each automatic post.
  • Convert an article into an attachment, menu item, revision, and post.
  • Generate tons of profits by inserting affiliate links in the place of keywords.
  • Function properly across different technological devices.
  • A built-in custom RSS plug-in lets you look for fresh content from many different sources.
  • NewsBuilder integrates directly with SpinRewriter, allowing users to spin posts for unique content.
  • Translate your posts into more than 150 different languages as it gathers content from all across the Internet.
  • Choose how long your site updates on complete autopilot, including 5 minutes, daily, monthly, and so on.
  • Provide users with several opt-in forms which integrate with your favorite autoresponders.
  • Create parameters in order to publish articles depending on title length, keyword, and content length.

NewsBuilder is a proven method for marketers to have a stable source of passive income. For that reason, you will not have to worry about video marketing, list building or product creation. NewsBuilder is a perfect choice for Internet marketers if you want a change for your business. The provided theme and plug-in will let you generate authority sites in any niche you want without the need for experiences and skills.