Save My List Software Backup ALL Your Autoresponder Lists To Your PC/MAC Instantly

Save My List is a PC or MAC software application that relates to your autoresponder and also saves all your listings immediately on a daily or regular basis. With this software, you no more should anxiety concerning your auto responder shutting your account. When it takes place, you simply get your most current list data backup from your computer, select a brand-new provider and you’re excellent to go again. With Save My List in merely a number of clicks, you could quickly import your last data backup and also be working again in minutes. No more concerns, no more troubles. you can concentrate on building your business, rather than taking out your hair in despair. Save My List is offered for both PC and Mac, and also you can utilize either one or change in the future if you need to. When installed, Save My List will automatically support all your listings, from as numerous sustained auto responder accounts as you like.

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Save My List Software Features :

  • PC and Mac Versions
  • Autoresponder Ready CSV Files
  • Simple Step-By-Step Wizard
  • Works In Background
  • Auto Saves All Lists
  • For GetResponse, Aweber and MailChimp
  • 12 Hourly, Daily And Weekly Backups

Save My List Benefits :

  • 100% Automated Forget and also establish List Backup Solution For PC and also Mac, Save My List is supplied for both computer system along with Mac, as well as you can make use of either one. Or modify in the future if you require to. As soon as placed, Save My List will instantly back up all your lists, from as many continual AutoResponder accounts as you such as. All your listings will be saved as simple CSV documents which can be launched in Excel, or straight imported into an AutoResponder.
  • AutoResponder Down? Change In Minutes…As you’ll frequently have a current duplicate of your list on your PC or Mac, it matters not merely what occurs to your AutoResponder in any way. In case of an AutoResponder outtage or even a duration of unstable system, you could get your list and also button distributor quickly.
  • AutoResponder Bans You? No Problem!…With Save My List, you no more have to stress regarding your autoresponder shutting your account. When it takes place, you merely get your most recent list data backup from your computer, choose a brand-new firm and also you’re outstanding to go again. You’re in full control of your list any time, regardless of what occurs…You can unwind easy comprehending your list is protected all the time.
  • Cleaned Your List? You’ve Always Got A Copy, If you’ve blundered as well as unintentionally eliminated a list from your autoresponder…You are no longer at the poise of the support team recuperating your list for you…If they could possibly whatsoever…In just a number of clicks, you can effortlessly import your last data backup and be operating again in mins. Say goodbye to worries, no more troubles. You could focus on building your business, as opposed to taking out your hair in despair.

Save My List backs up all your also future as well as existing lists automatically without you having to remember to transform a solitary setup. There is absolutely nothing much more to do…ever as quickly as you have connected with your autoresponder. Any kind of brand-new listings you develop in your autoresponder will certainly be supported up instantly, without you needing to transform a solitary configuration. Making Save My List the easiest as well as fastest (as well as merely) autoresponder list backup solution offered on the marketplace.

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