Social Video Spark Make Your Videos Rank Highest In Facebook Timeline

Social Video Spark is a result of the collective obsession to build up the most efficient and easy to use facebook video marketing software, lead generation, and engagement platform. A platform done by a team of people that have listened to customer feedback, measured viewer response, and built all that into the platform. The Social Video Spark Software is, in many ways, the fusion of revolutionary social video action system and proprietary highly advanced marketing cloud technology. Social Video Spark is the very first Facebook Timeline Ranking software. Social Video Spark cloud technology, unlike outdated and less advanced solutions, is the only social video marketing software of its kind that actually utilizes the Facebook native video player.

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Social Video Spark Features :

  • Autoplays on mobile!, te only player which autoplay on mobile, number of Facebook Mobile daily active users 844 million, Percentage of Facebook video views that occur on mobile devices 65%, Percentage of Facebook users that only login from mobile device 44%.
  • Avoid Facebook Security Check to avoid massive drop of share traffic, Video files are uploaded directly to Facebook and use facebook native video player, instead of external player share link which might trigger dead-of-share Facebook security check. Videos can be shard to unlimited Facebook pages and groups. Social Video Spark giving you Unlimited video branding variations with intro or outro groups.
  • Never run out of amazing videos to share, search and download periscope and Youtube cc by licensed and bridge those videos to Facebook native video player. Leverage the sharing power of Youtube cc by videos which already went viral on youtube and now can go viral on facebook. Leverage the content power of periscope videos for any niche and any interest to maximize audience engagement. Social Video Spark automatically brands all videos with your intro and or outro before posting.
  • Social Video Spark quickly and easily attach a trackable call to action to every video you post on Facebook, Social Video Spark technology with automatically added call to action button at the end of your video. You can specify the type of call to action to display. You can set the url for the call to action button to any website of your choice. The software will track all clicks to your call to action buttons.
  • Works Seamlessly with Facebook’s post scheduling system!, use Facebook to schedule and plan your posts. Use Facebook to back date your posts. No having to even leave Facebook to use this feature!.
  • Great Library of Professional and Ready to Go Video Templates For You To Use!, Huge variety of background videos to fit a lot of niches, industries or objectives. Newsfeed grabber video templates to instantly gain attention. Professional and highly engaging ready to go intros and outros. Quick video” templates. Simply enter a website address to add to the video, click a button and your website address is instantly added right into your video.
  • Social Video Spark Full Stats and Tracking For All Video Posts!, Instantly see real time stats of your video posts such as…Total number of likes, Total number of comments, Total number of shares, Total number of clicks.
  • Instantly and easily Post Any Video to Multiple Pages, Profiles and Groups Complete With a Call to Action at the End!, No download and re-upload required to post your videos straight to Facebook!, Simple one click posting to multiple pages, profiles and groups!, Social Video Spark software Quickly and easily attach a call to action to each video.

Social Video Spark Software Increase Traffic to Your Website, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Starting in Just Minutes!

  • The only video marketing software that works seamlessly with Facebook’s native video player, capturing 100% of your viral shares.
  • With Social Video Spark Software you can bridges your periscope and Youtube cc by licensed viral videos to Facebook with automatic branding and call to action.
  • Autoplays on mobile! The 65% of Facebook video views happen on mobile and FB native player is the only player which can autoplay video while user scroll timeline! It is the ONLY way to boosts video reach on mobile to generate more Traffic, Leads and Sales.

Social Video Spark is The First Facebook Timeline Video Ranking Software That Will Rank Your Videos Highest In Facebook Timeline Visibility Algorithm, Bring You At Least 65% More Organic Video Views, Generate Leads, Build Subscriber’s List and Make More Sales Starting In Just Minutes!

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