TTS Video Maker Text To Speech Whiteboard Video Software

TTS video maker is a text to speech video software that includes high quality voices (male and female voices included in the software). This software will allow you to create high quality videos in minutes.It works on MAC and PC! (Adobe Air). With TTS video maker software you can save time and money by creating amazing text to speech videos yourself so you can avoid paying somelse to create your videos or spending money on voice overs. TTS video maker includes several Animated SVG images but you can add your OWN Animated SVG images if you want!

TTS Video Maker CRACKED Free Download!

Features and Benefits of TTS Video Maker Software :

  • You can add your own music, Well, last nor the least you can also add and mix the text to speech voices with your own music library, and the greatest thing is that you own the rights of those mp3 music tracks.
  • Add animated images, TTS video maker software includes several Animated SVG images, but you can add your animated SVG images as well.
  • You own your videos, There are no restrictions on the videos you create, so you can use your videos for anything you want, you can share them, upload them, sell them. Do whatever you want with the videos created with TTS video maker software.
  • Comes with 25 voice-over, TTS video maker comes with voice-overs of several accents and languages so that you can choose your favorite voice when creating your videos. Both male and female voices included in english and spanish along with 14 more languages.
  • Add static SVG, PNG, & JPG pictures, you can add your own static images, if you want, you can add your own SVG images, transparent background PNG images or simple JPG images.
  • Save both your valuable time & money, with TTS video maker software, you can save time and money by creating amazing text to speech videos yourself so you can avoid paying someone else to create your videos or spending money on voice overs.
  • Easy to use, developers have designed the overall graphic user interface to be intuitive, so you can start using the software and start creating your Text To Speech videos within minutes after getting it.

3 Steps To create Awesome Videos with TTS Video Maker :

By following these three simple steps you can create high-converting awesome videos from your TTS video maker.

  • Step #1 : Add Your Picture & Text, simply add your image that is already there inside the software and add your texts for generating your favorite voice-overs.
  • Step #2 : Click on Record, after you add both images and texts the software will mix your images, voices and music create your awesome looking whiteboard video faster.
  • Step #3 : Now Share The Video and Enjoy, you can share your video and upload it to any video sharing site like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. wherever you want your video to upload and share.

TTS video maker software best choice for you, if you need a complete solution that delivers a high quality Video plus a human sounding voice over, TTS video maker will be your highly recommended software because it comes with all the features you will need to create high quality attention-grabber videos that relate to humans, reach almost all their senses and help you get conversions.

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