Video Spinn App Create Videos With Simple Set & Forget Technology

Video Spinn is a time-saving desktop software that lets you create up to a hundred unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. Video Spinn also does a lot of the seo for you, tell it your keyword and it will create and name a video for each one. Because Video Spinn is desktop based, you won’t need to pay any kind of recurring fees to set up and produce your videos. You also won’t face limits on how many videos you can create in a month unlike with some of our competitor’s products. Video Spinn is a desktop based software, compatible with both PC and Mac.

Video Spinn Software Pro License Instant Download By Anthony Aires

Here’s A Closer Look Under The Hood Of Video Spinn…

  • Supported Video Formats. Video Spinn supports adding .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV and .WMV clips to your finished videos.
  • Optional Audio Clips. Choose from the Continuous option, which pulls one of your audio clip from the Music Folder per video and loops it for the duration of the video.
  • Video Transitions. Engage your viewers longer with pro level effects to stay glued to the screen. Video Spinn has a full range of transition options.
  • Optional Intro and Final Image/Clip. Brand your videos with optional intro and final clips… add your logo or contact information to make your video more memorable to the viewer.
  • Fast Bulk Video Creation. Video Spinn can create up to 100 unique videos just by entering a few simple fields and spinning a few dials.
  • Spin Option. Choose this option to let the software randomly insert the exact number of images and clips you want… for unlimited, unique videos on demand.

Video Spinn Fast Action BOnuses :

  • Bonus #1: Your Choice Of $20 In Free Vector Graphics From VectorToons. When you’re creating videos, you can always use more graphics. VectorToons is your source for original vector art, with prices that are low and the most liberal usage license in the business. Enhance your Video Spinn videos with $20 in free graphics!
  • Bonus #2: Developer Rights To Use Video Spinn To Create Videos For Your Clients. If you create videos for other businesses, your Video Spin license comes with full rights to create client videos without any restrictions. Video Spinn allows you to churn out videos faster than you ever could before, so you can take on more clients, and grow your income fast. This bonus alone can pay for the software dozens of times over.
  • Bonus #3: Bonus Live Training: How To Instantly Get On The First Page Of Google. As a Video Spinn owner, you’ll be let into a private live training session showing you how to instantly get on the first page of Google (you’ll see this LIVE). You’ll see us rank on the first page of Google, live, instantly, as you watch. And you’ll see how it’s done.

Video Spinn is a simple yet full featured desktop software that lets you create hundreds even thousands of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. Video Spinn is the easiest video creation app you’ve ever used.