VidZio New Software Combines Video & eCom For Hands Free Profits

Vidzio web-based software is very cool and never seen before, make a promotional video without having to bother making video, and can promote more than one product, make a profit once many times. Vidzio lets you leverage any video made by anyone to turn your prospects into buyers. Including review videos made by authority websites. The biggest problem with video marketing?…Offer links take viewers away from your video…and that’s a conversion killer. Vidzio handles this for you by letting your prospects click and buy without ever leaving your video, this never-before-seen technology maximizes your sales by keeping your customers exactly where they want to be!. Vidzio is a unique app that allows you to take any video and quickly profit in just a few clicks as an affiliate partnering with big brand ecommerce platforms like ebay, amazon, aliexpress and Walmart.

VidZio Software Instant Download Pro License By Victory Akpomedaye

What can you do with Vidzio?…

  • Sell amazon, ebay, walmart and aliexpress product. Check out their own related products stream and add them all under your review video, with your affiliate link for everyone.
  • Got offline clients. Help your clients sell more real estate, used cars, sandwiches and more.
  • Sell your own products. Put your whole range in front of your prospects while you’re delivering valuable content.
  • Do affiliate marketing. Ramp up your conversions on a whole range of products by practically forcing your prospects to take action immediately.

How Does Vidzio Work?…

  • Vidzio is a web-app, meaning you don’t need to install or download anything. You just need to log inside your member area and you’re ready to go in minutes.
  • And when your videos are running inside the Vidzio player, your visitors will find it easier than ever to buy which means you’ll be making a lot more sales, every time. Vidzio work in 3 steps, select a video from youtube/vimeo/mp4, copy the link into your Vidzio dashboard and add any product you want.

Here Are Some Powerful Features Built Into Vidzio Software :

  • Unlimited videos and products, When you’re video marketing, you don’t want to have limited bullets in your best gun. That’s why you can use Vidzio with as many videos as you like, and add as many products to each video as you like.
  • Integrate with Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Aliexpress. If you’ve an Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Aliexpress affiliates or vendors, you will like vidzio. With this feature you can curate Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Aliexpress products within click and add them inside your vidzio player.
  • Fanpage Tab Integration. With one-click you can embed directly vidzio player into your fanpage tab. So you can bring more sales, traffic and leads from Facebook.
  • Easy embed. A click of a button gives you the short code for your player just copy and paste this into your webpage editor and you’re done. No tech skills required.
  • Direct eye-line positioning. Your products are precisely positioned to get maximum attention while your video plays… meaning more sales from your videos.
  • Works with any Shopping Cart. You can use Vidzio with PayPal, JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior+, SamCart, 1ShoppingCart, DealGuardian and more, however your customers like to shop, you can use Vidzio to make sure they do more of it.

Vidzio is a player that lets anyone generate ecom affiliate sales directly from any video. Customers can shop and watch at the same time without ever leaving your video or even hitting pause. Vidzio engages your viewers and leads them to the purchase right inside the video player.